Thursday, May 4, 2017

Experiment #4: Setting and character outline for play


The setting of this play is on an alien planet. It is inhabited by a variety of sects of aliens. The terrain is rather rugged on the outskirts of the planet but the center is a major city. The city is extremely modern and high tech. There are floating skyscrapers and a lot of bright lights at night. The majority of the scenes take place within the city as the human secret agent follows one of the higher ups in the alien government. The major scenes occur in a restaurant, the girls bathroom of that restaurant, the secret agent headquarters, and the Commanders palace.

Character Outline:

-Secret Agent Olivia Blank: Olivia is the secret agent assigned to follow Madame Justine on this alien planet and find as much information as she can on her. Olivia is eager to do her job well and prove herself but she doesn't always do the best job on her assignment. She is witty and charismatic. She is about 20 years-old. She is a brunette and has green eyes. Leo is her best friend and fellow agent. General Axel is in charge of the mission and she reports to him. Her character develops over the course of the play as she learns more about how to be a good agent and realizes that the only person she needs to prove herself to is herself.
-Leo: Leo is also a secret agent but he is often times sent in disguise to work as a soldier in the U.S. Military. He is very daring and sporadic. He doesn't really think anything through which can come back to bite him at times. He is very sarcastic and his biggest fear is having to discuss the female menstrual cycle. Era sees a picture of him on the Z-web (the alien version of the internet) and has a huge crush on him. However, Leo is interested in his best friend Olivia. Olivia is entirely unaware of this. Leo has jet black hair and blue eyes. He and Olivia met in middle school and have been friends ever since.
-General Axel: He is the head of the Secret Agent Agency for the U.S. He is an older man, probably in his late 50's. He has no children of his own anymore, since his only son passed away a few years ago in a Plygot (an evil sect of the alien planet) attack. He struggles with this deeply. He views Leo and Olivia like his own children. While he can be reserved and cold at times; he has moments of kindness where he lets go. He has a gray beard and blue eyes. He is losing his hair but he still has some.
-Commander: The Commander is pretty much an evil dictator. He is the leader of the Hexa Sect. He is extremely wealthy and very powerful within the alien government. He is very hard on his daughter, Era.
-Madame Justine: Madame Justine is half-alien and half-human. She is very the equivalent of a duchess. She is from a different sect than The Commander and is having an affair with him. Her objective is to get him to sign a treaty between the two sects or so it seems. She is actually trying to marry him, assassinate him, blame it on someone else, and take over his sect. She is definitely a villain.
-Mox: Mox is one of Era's best friends. She is the leader of the trio of alien girls. She is kind of bossy and very opinionated, but she means well. She is very popular at their alien high school and gets invited to all the parties in the city. She is obsessed with her image and the image of others. She spends the majority of her time on the Z-web.
-Castra: Castra is Era's other best friend. She is far more of a follower than a leader and pretty much does whatever Mox tells her to. She is very agreeable but only because she is afraid that if she disagrees with Mox she will be kicked out of the group.
-Era: Era is quieter than the other two girls. She doesn't really agree with a lot of Mox's views which can create conflict at times. She is in love with Leo and spends a lot of her time trying to figure out how to contact him on Earth. She lives in the palace with her father and despises him. She eventually befriends Olivia Blank and helps her in overthrowing both her father and Madame Justine. She finds herself and leaves behind her old friends.

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